Freedom Indiana Launches

Freedom for all Hoosiers!

Indiana Stonewall Democrats is proud to be a partner in the fight against HJR-6 with Freedom Indiana.

Freedom Indiana is a statewide bipartisan coalition of businesses, faith leaders, civil rights and community organizations, and individuals united to defeat HJR-6.

This anti-freedom amendment duplicates existing law and would permanently ban all protections for same-sex couples and their families and remove existing protections for unmarried Hoosiers.

Stand with us, and sign the petition to defeat HJR-6!


Plate revocation inhibits inclusion


It would be easy to respond to the state’s recent revocation of the Indiana Youth Group license plate by loudly proclaiming that I don’t want to live in a place where lawmakers and state officials discriminate based on half-baked assumptions about upstanding nonprofit organizations.

That would be easy, but it would be untrue.

Indiana Stonewall Democrats statement on the advancement of HJR-6, the Marriage Discrimination Amendment

This past year’s election dramatically changed dynamics at the Indiana State.  It provided Republicans with undisputed control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  While some have called for a moratorium on “hot button” issues, a number of legislators seem “hell bent” on forcing their personal agendas on Hoosiers.

Over the past four years Democratic House Speaker Pat Bauer refused to even hear some of these issues, but new Speaker Brian Bosma, a Republican, is obviously allowing those issues, including the marriage discrimination amendment, to be brought before the State Legislature.

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